The Tamara Coorg | Review | Travel

The Tamara Coorg | Review | Travel

‘The Tamara Coorg’, Kabbinakad Estate, Yevakapadi, Napoklu Nad, Madikeri, Karnataka.

Best way to reach:

1- Mangalore to Coorg by road, 3 h 58 min (168.2 km) via NH 275
2- Bangalore to Coorg by road, 5 h 37 min (267.1 km) via NH 275

If you are planning to visit this property, let me share this…. On 20th Feb, 17, I checked in to the Tamara Coorg, room no. 222…..

The day I reached, I was injured because of an injury a day back on my way to Coorg from Kerala. As I arrived, I was welcomed by the employees with fennel cooler, Jasmine garland and a chilled towel. Since I was injured, the front office executive asked me the reason for my limping. I told them, and she immediately arranged a golf cart which took me to my room. Within 20 minutes, a doctor and a nurse arrived at my room and he ensured that I have a comfortable stay. Dr. Prashant was such a humble person and I felt as if my own family doctor is treating me. The doctor was prepared with his tools which include instant blood and glucose test and the relevant medicines. Not only this, during my entire stay, most of the employees were aware that I was injured, and they all were so kind and everyone who I met asked if they can assist me in any way.

  • Now speaking of the resort, we had many other options in Coorg-Medikeri area, but we thought about trying ‘The Tamara Coorg’. Well, people who are planning to visit Coorg, I can assure you, you will find your vacation worth at ‘The Tamara Coorg’, and here is why:
  • All rooms are basically tree houses and very comfortable. Moreover they have applied electric fencing all across their resort to ensure safety in the jungle, so you can very well enjoy your stay safely (I believe it is more than 100 acre of property).
  • – Their shop, ‘Verandah’, is an absolute gem. Buy organic spices, brew your own organic coffee and checkout take back souvenirs along with the Tamara grown spices.
  • They have two swimming pools, a cold one and one with temperature control. Bar is available inside the pool itself.
  • The milk they serve comes from their very own cowshed, which is very clean and these cows chews on some really fresh green grass all day long.
  • Rooms 221 and 222 have great views. If you are a family of 5-6 people, I highly recommend their ‘Hidden Lotus’ tree house, which is basically a joint suite with a Jacuzzi in the open air balcony making it an absolutely amazing experience.
  • Chefs are so kind and the service department was so courteous, irrespective of a set menu, they all were willing to serve anything you like from the choice of meat to sauces to local staples to what not.
  • So many outdoor sports facilities like Basketball, Tennis, Cricket, Badminton etc.
  • Do not miss the spa! If you miss it, your vacation is a waste at ‘The Tamara’. The masseurs the real brilliant masseurs (which lacks in most of the hotel/resort spas) and their hands work magic.
  • If you love to walk or trek, don’t miss out on shedding some sweat on various trails at the Tamara belt (3 trails that I know were there at the moment).
  • Twice in a day, they have a tour where a guide explains about the entire terrain, herbs/spices grown, coffee making process etc. Do not miss that!
  • Indoor games are open throughout the night, so don’t miss out on trying your singing skills at the karaoke bar or playing on some really rare indoor games such as shatranj and tens of other similar board games.
  • Rooms and washrooms are very comfortable but the best part is their balcony.

There are so many things to talk about this resort. All I want to say is that I am a satisfied guest and look forward visiting them again soon. Here is a link of detailed room view at ‘The Tamare

Additional tips:

  • June – October is one of the best seasons as you will get to see the waterfalls within and adjoining the resorts.
  • This resort offers a full board menu, which means breakfast, lunch and dinner is on house (alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be charged extra).
  • If you are hungry by let’s say 5 PM or 11 AM, munch on snacks available at your room. No need to cringe upon the resort refusal to cook out of their designated shifts.
  • Minimum two nights stay is recommended.

I hope this helps… Happy traveling!

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