The Boat Club, Dahisar, Mumbai | Review | Restaurant

The Boat Club, Dahisar, Mumbai | Review | Restaurant

Yesterday, being my day off from work, we decided to go out for some grocery shopping. Now that it takes time to shop, we planned to dine out. The nearest and most relevant option was The Boat Club (Thakur Mall, Dahisar, Mumbai).   Well, we have been there more than 10 times. Everytime we have visited, I never failed to compliment the continental chef via our server. After good meal, we always feel generous to bequeath lagniappe. We have always been impressed by their service team as well as the kitchen team. I remember, when current regime came out with a regulation of alcohol ban, yet we were regulars to the restaurant, we stayed and always supported their business. The service that time was at its best and we enjoyed a family dinner immensely (every time).

Time augmented and the alcohol ban was revoked.   We noticed a severe change in the service. The hostess was no longer available, guess she had left by then and most of the times , the restaurant managers were the only option who would accommodate you. Which is absolutely fine by the way!   Now few things which went severely wrong and I want to express my displeasure.

As soon we entered the restaurant yesterday, i.e. 11th day of November, 2018 at 2155 hours: 1: The restaurant was busy, due to weekend. 2: There is a waiting lounge before you enter the main restaurant.

3: Now that I was with my wife and child, who decided to sit in the waiting lounge while I seek a busy manager/captain to help us accommodate.

4: We were wearing conventional clothes. (I am mentioning this because I highly doubt, as this could be a possible reason for a loom over.)

5: There was no one waiting in the waiting lounge other than my family.   Well, a gentleman was standing at the entrance of the lounge (I think he looked like he owned the place, he was in civil). He looked at me as I was checking out at captains/managers … “May I help you?” (Not sure why he said this, it is obvious that we are carrying a baby and possibly hungry).   I replied, “Yes please! We are three and we want to eat!”   He responded back, “It will take at least 35-40 minutes”.   “I told okay!” And I told my wife, “Let us leave, they say there is a long wait of 30-45 minutes” (while he was watching us without, as we left).   Well this sounds very simple, but I was really aggrieved and felt offended.   Why? Well…..  

1: We understand that the restaurant is full, can’t we expect someone to attend us with a smile?

2: Can’t you politely say, “We are busy, could you please wait in the waiting lounge for 35-40 minutes?”

3: When there was not even a single person in the waiting area, couldn’t you have asked one of your restaurant managers or the captains to see if there is any possible space getting over earlier than projection?

4: We had a three year old baby with us. I know these guys keep ‘The Boat Club’ balloons for children also mint candies, as this is a family friendly lounge. They could have even given one of these balloons or a candy to the child and told us to wait. We are regulars and thought they would recognize us (recognition isn’t of importance though, everyone should be equally treated).

5: You could have politely told us, “As you are with a baby, it would be advisable to try a different place, due to weekend profusion, there may be further delay in the service as well.”

6: There was no remorse on his face as we left hungry (he knew that we are leaving due to his unwelcoming, he could see that and I affirm this).   I tell you what the real problem is… Now a days, any new restaurant which becomes successful (in terms of revenue it generates), they hardly bother what service is. We live in Mira Road, Mumbai, but in an opulent complex. Due to the geography of our residence, there is no other option left with us other that ‘The Boat Club’. After visiting so many times and filling up several feedback reviews with flying colors, a day comes when we felt we are nobody (that felt very disappointing). He looked down on us most probably because we were dressed conventionally. I am very disappointed and wanted to share this experience with you all. I strongly recommend (any Mumbai suburban), avoid this place at any cost. Not sure if the owner is a hotelier, if he is, he is a heyday of a very crummy pedagogy. New establishments such as #TheBoatClub always welcome guests when they are low on (or new to) business. Once they are celebrated (in vogue), they look down on people, as if we are visiting a brand, not that who made it a brand to begin with. I am never visiting them again! Unconditionally dissatisfied, not worth a visit!

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